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Environmental Benefits

Inprint Managed Print Service allows businesses to implement tighter controls and more efficient management of their printing strategy which helps to reduce energy consumption, lower paper use and reduce waste. Inprint MPS actively promote products that are greener, more cost effective and produce less waste.

How can Inprint's Managed Print Service help you create a greener office?

Inprint conduct a thorough investigation of your business’s printing patterns and devices you use. This allows us to see how much you are currently printing and to which devices, helping Inprint to work out how to reduce your current printing levels and where to redirect printing so that the most energ y efficient printing equipment is utilised. Once Inprint's Managed Print Service is implemented, you could be lessening your environmental impact in several ways:

Inprint MPS can recommend small changes, tailored to your existing printing strategy and future printing needs, that make a big difference in sustainability The changes a business can make to improve the environmental impact of their printing do not have to be large, drastic ones; even small changes can make a large difference.

A Managed Print Service from Inprint guides businesses through all the small changes they can make that will lead to a much more environmentally friendly printing strategy. These small changes are suggested and implemented after a thorough investigation of a business’s printing and are tailored to their exact needs. From double sided printing, reducing print size of draft documents, installing devices that automatically power down to offering training to employees for electronic document sharing, there are many ways Inprint MPS can help reduce your environmental impact.

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