Inprint - Client Testimonials

Over the years we have made every effort to make sure our customers were satisfied with our products and service. We have asked some of them to review Inprint Services and here we have provided testimonials from our clients.

Customer Name: Peter M

Role: Managing Director

Location: Newry

“InPrint have been able to implement a solution which has taken out five separate devices and replace them with one networked multifunction device. The solution has saved us time and money, but also the jump up in technology as greatly improved our output quality”.

Customer Name:Rory K

Role: Manager

Location: Belfast

"For too long we were struggling on trying to maintain a group of machines that we had gathered up over ten years. Technology has moved on now so much that one device can do everything we need. We opted for a four hour response built into our contract which gives us the confidence that we are never going to be sitting waiting for days or a week for an engineer to arrive for solve our problem”.

Customer Name: Roisin C

Role: Financial Controller

Location: Belfast

“For us the key with MPS was the centralised and automated dispatch of consumables. To have one point of contact for everything has made life so much easier”.

Customer Name: Paul M

Role: Small Business Owner

Location: Newry

“We have opted for a flatrate MPS deal which means I can tell what my print costs are going to be this week, next week and for the next three years, having that certainty is crucial for growing a small business”.

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